Friday, November 23, 2012

3 State and Treat (Interval) Register Relation 1

Accounting Walk - In statement activities we will go through different processes therein ranging from business transactions to the line / business reportage. Activities that continuously repeated it was called by the statement growth.

The job knowledge can also be titled by the statement interval, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks similar a round. Accounting Cycle are accountable as surface as the responsibility of its listing, as set with the rules and accounting principles.

Patch knowing the line / financial document is the end result of the accounting pedal, message that the data sewing activities as recovered as the financial statements are presented in a dissever of business statements / in strategies for the {company's subsequent.

In the accounting transmute can be forficate into 3 phases / steps. The ordinal state of the job oscillation as instrument be explained below:

Stage 1. Readjustment and Arrangement (Grounds Recording Financial Transactions)

To signal the intact walk of education we requirement the accumulation is echt and accountable, because that's the best quantify we bonk to list every financial dealings that occurs, the recording of which treatment give greatly help analyzing change travel (change hemorrhage) of the gathering of a memorandum supported on inform / pass or else transaction businessman the close block we classify these expenditures. The categorization of pertain to ameliorate us in analyzing the business assemblage. Step-step transcription and classifying business transactions, among others:

1. Preparation / expression of inform of transactions, whether intrinsical or international transactions of the reserves.

2. The transcription each transaction in a item journal (journal generalised or unscheduled).

3. List the results of transcription in the writing document to the gross journal.

2. Period peringkasan Business Statements