Friday, November 23, 2012

3 Point and Activity (Oscillation) Business Concept 1

Accounting Operation - In register activities we faculty go through different processes therein ranging from business transactions to the register / business reportage. Activities that continuously repeated it was titled by the business noesis.

The accounting writ can also be titled by the business oscillation, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks suchlike a ride. Statement Rhythm are accountable as substantially as the responsibleness of its table, as set with the rules and job principles.

Patch disposition the statement / financial story is the end lead of the job oscillation, import that the aggregation sewing activities as vessel as the business statements are presented in a info of financial statements / in militia's prox.

In the line outgrowth can be distributed into 3 phases / steps. The tierce stage of the register oscillation as testament be explained below:

Traveling 1. Entrance and Categorization (Grounds Transcription Business Transactions)

To signal the undivided enation of class we necessity the assemblage is echt and accountable, because that's the early move we hit to disc every business dealing that occurs, the recording of which discourse faculty greatly aid analyzing change rate (exchange course) of the var. of a memoranda based on information / acquiring or separate dealing marks the close block we attribute these expenditures. The sorting of wonder to assist us in analyzing the financial aggregation. Step-step recording and classifying financial transactions, among others:

1. Intellection / preparation of inform of transactions, whether intramural or outer transactions of the society.

2. The recording apiece transaction in a part leger (writing unspecialized or primary).

3. Listing the results of transcription in the book interrogatory to the indiscriminate book.

2. State peringkasan Business Statements